Gunilla Daga 
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From Life to Art and Back Again

Gunilla Daga is an artist known for her mesmerizing works of art. She draws inspiration from her natural surroundings and the human interactions she experiences. Her artwork results from an ongoing interaction between life and material, in which each image is born from the previous. This cycle of life inspiring art and art inspiring life is what defines Gunilla Daga’s work, making her one of the most intriguing artists of our time.

Gunilla Daga is an artist whose works are informed by the world around her. Her work reflects a deep connection to the environment, both in her chosen materials and subject matter. She draws inspiration from the changing seasons and the subtle beauty of nature. She also finds inspiration from human interaction and culture, incorporating stories into her pieces. This combination of material and experience allows her to create unique, beautiful works of art.

Daga’s signature style

 is rooted in geometry and color, skillfully blended together to create stunning visual effects. She creates complex compositions that capture the eye by working with different shapes, lines, and patterns. Her vibrant palettes and designs reflect the energy of the surrounding environment, creating a sense of movement and life within her pieces.

Overall, Daga can bring her experience of the world into her work, creating captivating images that speak to the viewer on a deep level. Her art is an exploration of life, material, and humanity; all brought together in one piece.

The process of creation starts with an empty canvas and no predetermined ideas. Then, Gunilla works with a fluidity between life and material, and the image slowly comes together. 

 The artwork is created layer by layer, taking her time to complete each section of the painting, allowing it to build on the previous parts. The intention is for the work to create a flow that is both visually pleasing and emotionally evocative.
The colors used in the art vary depending on the mood that Gunilla wants to evoke. From dark and moody blues to light and airy pastels, each color is carefully chosen for its effect on the piece. She also utilizes strong lines, unique compositions, and a variety of textures to enhance her artwork and bring it to life.

Ultimately, Gunilla has created an image reflecting her artistic vision. It’s a beautiful blend of life, material, colors, shapes, emotions, and experiences. It’s a timeless reminder of what it means to live in this world through Gunilla’s unique perspective.

When Gunilla Daga’s work is completed, her pieces are genuinely intriguing. They display a masterful combination of geometric shapes, vivid colors, and skillful composition.

The vibrant colors and shapes come together to create an engaging visual experience. Viewers are often left feeling inspired, connected, and in awe of the artwork. Gunilla Daga’s paintings stand out from the crowd and have been admired by many worldwide.

Gunilla Daga combines her natural surroundings with her creative vision to create stunning works of art. She uses her art to make powerful statements about our relationship with the environment and encourages viewers to contemplate how we interact with our surroundings.

Gunilla Daga

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